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We empower artisanal entrepreneurs and bring national distribution and opportunity to small businesses and local brands.


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After browsing the aisles of the grocery store and finding same after same after same, our founder wanted a better pickle, in a bigger jar, with bigger flavor. Introducing the best gourmet pickle you’ve ever had.

3 Elizabeths Artisanal

You don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds to eat healthy. At 3 Elizabeths Artisanal, we believe that real food tastes great without being covered up with ingredients you can’t pronounce. 

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Randy's Artisanal

Randy’s Artisanal Pickles takes its pickle ingredients seriously. We use all-natural products and preservatives. Our recipes are our take on the traditional pickle and with some of our recipes, we kick it up a notch and add peppers and spices to make some of our best sellers – our spicy pickles and our hot pickles. When you buy Randy’s, we ensure that you are eating the best possible pickle— an exceptional pickle.


3 Elizabeths

3 Elizabeths was founded by— you guessed it— three women all named Elizabeth. In addition to a common name, they share a common goal: To provide consumers a healthy snack alternative without the need for a PhD in chemistry to understand what they are eating. Featuring protein-packed beef jerky and coming soon— heart-healthy almonds in addictive flavors you won’t find anywhere else.


The Sidari Brands Story

Sidari Artisan Brands’ story is rooted in a rich history of quality and entrepreneurship.

More than 50 years ago, our father, James V. Sidari had a vision: Search out the finest, artisan foods that have already achieved local or regional acclaim and develop a plan to replicate that success on a national scale— without sacrificing the quality and craftsmanship that made the product a success in its region.

Fast forward to today and his vision has come full-circle.

Expanding upon the foundation established by our visionary patriarch, Sidari Brands prides itself on a single mission: To empower entrepreneurs, small businesses, and local brands to bring their one-of-a-kind products to a national market.

Through product improvement, enhanced manufacturing capabilities, and our expansive distribution channels, Sidari Artisan Brands is fulfilling the desires of customers all over the country, while providing a launchpad to market for our entrepreneurs.

It’s a win-win-win model.

“We’ve traveled this great country and learned early on that the very best foods are almost always local. We are dedicated to bringing those incredible tastes to the rest of America without losing the artisan craftmanship that made them so exquisite in the first place. It’s a pursuit that provides genuine opportunity for the craftsman— and brings all new flavors and foods to you!”

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If you’re interested in carrying Sidari Artisan Brands products and foods in your chain of stores, or you’re an artisan brand and believe you would fit our family of brands, please contact our distribution team here, or call (216) 377-1435. Eat well friend!

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